Country High School

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Server-Part Time

Paradise Valley Estates-Dining Services

+/- 20 hours per week



Wednesday, September 19, 2018 

2:00-5:00 pm


Refreshments will be served. Seats are limited, so reservations are required. Please RSVP via email at or by phone 707-432-1100


If you are under the age of 18 in the State of California and you are wanting to obtain a job, you are required to apply for a work permit at the beginning of each school year. 


All work permits are set to expire on August 23, 2018.  If your child is working they will need to apply for a new Work Permit. 


Applications can be picked up in the front office, the library or online at:


The California Department of Education and the State of California work together to ensure that all students are on a path to graduate.  Students who are not performing well academically or missing classes frequently will be denied a work permit or will have their work permit revoked.


In the Vacaville Unified School District you must have higher than a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) and less than 2 truancy letters.  Any school administrator has the right to revoke a Work Permit at any time.


If your child’s GPA is:

2.0 or higher: You will be granted a Work Permit in accordance to State and Federal law.

1.50-1.99: You will NOT be granted a work permit. You may appeal this rejection to an administrator at your school site.

1.49 or below: You will NOT be granted a work permit.  You can re-apply once your quarter grades have gone up.