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Closed Campus

As a reminder, Country High is a closed campus and students may not leave for lunch.  Students with medical appointments must bring a note to be excused at lunch. ALL students must sign out in front office before leaving for the day, even if you are 18 years or older.  



Students with a job will need to get a new work permit for this school year. Applications may be picked up before or after school in the office.  It will take about 3 days to process them.

Period Schedules

Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri Schedule


1st Period ------ 9:00 am-----9:42 am

2nd Period------ 9:45 am----10:27 am

3rd Period------10:30 am----11:12 am

4th Period------11:15 am---- 12:00 pm

Lunch-----------12:00 pm---- 12:30 pm

5th Period------12:30 pm---- 1:12 pm

6th Period------1:15 pm------- 2:00 pm


Wednesday Schedule


1st Period------- 9:00 am------- 9:27 am

2nd Period------ 9:30 am------- 9:57 am

3rd Period------- 10:00 am---- 10:27 am

4th Period------- 10:30 am---- 10:57 am

5th Period------- 11:00 am---- 11:27 am

6th Period------- 11:30 am---- 12:00 pm